Terms & conditions

1. Who We Are

1.1. Matchday Pro is operated by SPOXX B.V., trading as AXXS Gaming. We're a limited liability company in the Netherlands, registered under number 76836258. Our address is Veemarktkade 8, 5222 AE, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. When we say "we" or "us", we're talking about AXXS.

2. What These Terms Cover

2.1. These terms explain how you can use our website, app, create an account, and join contests.
2.2. Matchday Pro Contests are free prediction games.
2.3. If there's a conflict between documents, these terms win.
2.4. You can find and save these terms on our website and app.
2.5. We might change these terms. If we do, we'll let you know.
2.6. Users access our site. Participants join contests.

3. Signing Up

3.1. To join a contest, sign up on the app.
3.2. One account per person, please. It's just for you.
3.3. To sign up, we need your name, email, and a password. Some contests might ask for more info.
3.4. Only real people can play. Play for yourself, not for others or groups.
3.5. We can close your account if needed.
3.6. Need help? Email us at support@matchday.pro.
3.7. You choose if you want to join a contest.
3.8. Keep your login details secret.
3.9. We can change your username or password if there's a problem.

4. Joining Contests

4.1. Once registered, you can join contests.
4.2. Joining means you accept the contest rules and these terms.
4.3. We'll confirm when you're in a contest.
4.4. Once you're in, you can't back out.
4.5. We can't promise you'll get into every contest.
4.6. Sometimes, we might need to cancel a contest.
4.7. If you break the rules, we can end your participation.
4.8. We decide who wins, based on the contest rules.

5. Using Our Site and App

5.1. We aim for 24/7 access, but sometimes there might be interruptions.
5.2. Misuse can lead to account suspension.
5.3. Our platform is for personal use, not business.
5.4. Don't harm our site, app, or systems.
5.5. No spamming allowed.
5.6. Don't disrupt our services.
5.7. Your account is just for you.
5.8. Sometimes, contest rules might change.
5.9. Protect your devices from viruses.
5.10. Follow your country's laws when using our platform.
5.11. If you misuse our platform, you're responsible for any consequences.

6. Contest Rules

6.1. Each contest has its own rules in the app.
6.2. These terms apply to all contests.
6.3. If there's a conflict, these terms win.
6.4. Break the rules, and you might be out.
6.5. Winners might get a bonus.
6.6. If we can't contact a winner or verify their identity, they might lose their bonus.
6.7. We might change contest rules if needed.

7. Your Data

7.1. We respect your privacy. Check our Privacy Policy for details.
7.2. We keep your data safe.

8. Our Responsibility

8.1. We're responsible for issues caused by our mistakes.
8.2. We follow the law.
8.3. Our maximum liability is €250.
8.4. Sometimes, things beyond our control might affect contests.
8.5. Major issues might lead to contest cancellation.
8.6. Our platform is for personal use.
8.7. We're not responsible for tech issues or misuse.

9. Intellectual Property

9.1. We own the content on our site and app. Respect our rights.
9.2. Don't use our content for business without our permission.

10. Closing Accounts

10.1. We can close your account if you break the rules.
10.2. You can close your account by contacting us.
10.3. You can end a contest contract under certain conditions.
10.4. Account closure ends your contest participation.
10.5. If a contract ends, you can't access the contest.

11. Legal Stuff

11.1. Dutch law applies.
11.2. Disputes? Let's try to sort it out. If not, we'll see you in a Dutch court.

12. Complaints

12.1. Got a problem? Email complaints@axxs.sport. We'll do our best to help.

13. Links

13.1. We might link to other sites. That doesn't mean we endorse them.
13.2. We don't control third-party content.

14. User Content

14.1. Users can post content. We don't verify or approve it.
14.2. Report inappropriate content to us.

15. Other Bits

15.1. We can transfer our rights to someone else.
15.2. You can't transfer your rights.
15.3. Contracts are between you and us.