Contest rules


1.1. Welcome to the Matchday Pro Contest Rules. In conjunction with the AXXS General Terms and Conditions, these rules govern your participation.
1.2. In case of inconsistency between various documents, the AXXS General Terms and Conditions prevail.
1.3. A Matchday Pro Contest, a product of SPOXX B.V. trading as AXXS Gaming, is a free-to-play prediction game played during real-life football matches.
1.4. To participate, register an account as per the AXXS General Terms and Conditions.


2.1. Follow the app's step-by-step registration guide.
2.2. Provide:

  • Email address,
  • First name,
  • Last name,
  • and Nickname.

2.3. Confirm your email address.
2.4. Additional details enhance your experience.


3.1. A Contest lets you compete with other participants.
3.2. Upon entering, you receive a Deck with a starting value of 75000 SPX points.
3.3. Aim to increase your Deck’s value. The highest value at the end wins.
3.4. Trade Players to enhance your Deck's value.


4.1. Initially, your Deck is empty.
4.2. Buy Players by using SPX points. The Deck's value is the sum of Player Values and available SPX points.
4.3. You can sell a Player from your Deck at any time. When a Player is sold, his Player Value is added to the Deck’s available SPX points.
4.4. The value of players, typically around 10000 SPX, changes based on their performances during live matches. Use your insight and predict whether a player's value will go up or down.
4.5. Players can be from both competing teams.
4.6. It's not necessary to form a Team with specific positions. A Deck is a collection of players which can have random positions.
4.7. Player values remain static post-substitution.


5.1. Choose from the Line-up.
5.2. Predicted line-ups are shown until the actual line-up is available 45 minutes pre-match.


6.1. Matches are selected for Contests every Match-week.
6.2. Enter via the Match Center or Contest Center.
6.3. Check the Contest Information screen for details.


7.1. A stable internet connection is essential. It is the user's responsibility to ensure and maintain this connection.
7.2. Live broadcasts may have slight delays. Events in the app might precede what's shown on TV.


8.1. Aim for top rankings to gain rewards.
8.2. Rankings are updated live and finalised post-Contest.
8.3. Matchday Pro may close a Contest early if matches are postponed or cancelled.


9.1. Our algorithm processes independent match data collected by OPTA.
9.2. Values are calculated based on performance categories and a Player’s position on the pitch.
9.3 At the start of each Contest, Player Values are set based on their past game performances. For Players without prior match data, the Player Value is determined based on the average value of teammates in comparable positions.


10.1. AXXS may amend rules as necessary.
10.2. For concerns, email


- Player: A professional footballer you trade during a Contest.
- Player Value: A measure of a Player's performance, set in SPX points, which can change based on their real-time actions during matches.
- AXXS: The organisation behind the operation of Matchday Pro.
- Enter/Entering: Joining a Contest, which is free.
- Contest: A match or set of matches from a competition or league.
- Participant: Any user in a Contest.
- SPX points: Fictive credits used in a Contest.
- Deck: Your collection of Players in a Contest.
- Deck Value: Combined value of Players in your Deck and available SPX points.

Third-Party Disclaimer:

Please note that third parties, including but not limited to Apple, Google, or Amazon, are not sponsors, endorsers, or involved in the operation or execution of the Matchday Pro Contests in any manner. All inquiries or concerns related to the Contests should be directed to AXXS Gaming and not to these third-party platforms.